Technology and Competitive Advantages

In addition to an intimate knowledge and decades of experience testing current state-of-the-art coral culture methodology, the Coral Ark enjoys a distinct advantage in access to proprietary technology:

The positive identification of specific bio pathogens which are primary agents of coral degradation and disease. These pathogens are ubiquitous and, under ecological imbalances are directly responsible for events commonly referred to as RTN (rapid tissue necrosis), STN (sudden tissue necrosis), or “coral bleaching”.

Access to proprietary natural treatments capable of cleansing corals of these bio pathogens as well as cleansing the aquarium systems in which the corals are being propagated.

Access to specific technology to cleanse coral reef environments of the bio pathogens, thereby rendering them safe for replanting of cultured specimens.

Access to specific research into coral growth enhancing properties of selective light wavelengths.

Access to asomatic micro-fragmentation techniques promoting drastically enhanced coral growth rates.

Direct access to a wide variety of island nation governments suffering reef degradation issues.

Expert scientific leadership and logistical experience.

World’s largest distribution chain for aquarium animals.