Our Mission


To create a living “Eco-Vault” to hold and grow the widest possible diversity of coral species under optimal conditions to hedge against coral reef degradation and species extinction.


To pioneer the effective restocking of degraded coral reefs worldwide with locally endemic aquacultured specimens.


To promote and foster education and social outreach to educate society about current conservation challenges facing international marine environments.


To supplant the supply of wild-caught marine animals (corals, invertebrates, and fish) in the international aquarium trade with “Coral Ark” branded, pathogen-free, captive-raised/aquacultured specimens, thereby alleviating harvest pressure on coral reefs worldwide.

About Us

The Coral Ark, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, enjoys a number of competitive advantages including access to proprietary technology and a staff of highly educated and experienced scientists and operators. It also boasts an exclusive relationship with Sea Dwelling Creatures – Exotic Reef imports, the world’s largest wholesale distributor of aquarium animals and supplies. It is intended to leverage SDC-ERI’s significant base of research institutions, public aquariums, and tourist destinations to engage the public in an aggressive educational program concerning the plight of marine ecosystems and conservation.

A 16,000 square foot facility has already been sourced and rented to launch the initial pilot phase of the project. This warehouse space will be able to house approximately 50,000 gallons of coral, invertebrate, and fish aquaculture. Based out of this facility it is contemplated that a pilot coral reef restocking effort will be launched within the first year of inception. It is anticipated that the project will need to be relocated to a more rural, agricultural setting within the first year to accommodate the ongoing scaling of efforts and expanded scope.